Welcome to Poker Dream

The epicenter of innovation where
"dream the impossible" becomes a lived reality.

Launched in 2022

We’ve swiftly risen as a powerhouse in the Asian Poker Scene, celebrated for our pioneering events and a steadfast dedication to surpassing expectations.

Multi-Level Buy-In

We’ve revolutionized the industry by introducing Multi-Level Buy-In, empowering players to select a level that aligns with their bankroll and skill tier, thereby democratizing the game for everyone.

Dream The Impossible

Our journey is driven by a seasoned team, boasting over fifteen years of experience, and a unified commitment to our ethos, “Dream The Impossible“.


This collective expertise forms the core of our operations, ensuring every event is not just a game, but an extraordinary experience. 

Promise of Greatness

At Poker Dream, every tournament offers a gateway to greatness, and every play is a step toward the extraordinary. Our extensive array of events is meticulously crafted to welcome every enthusiast, from beginners to seasoned high rollers. 



Join us at Poker Dream, where each moment at the table is a step toward realizing the impossible.


The Team

Introducing the Leadership Team of Poker Dream.

Winfred Yu


Rex Cheong

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Lei

Tournament Director

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