Dream Player of the Year: Your Poker Journey Begins

Get ready, poker fans! Starting January 2024, we’re bringing you something super exciting – the Dream Player of the Year (DPOY) contest. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to the amazing poker players out there, and we can’t wait to see who rises to the top.

Your Path to Glory

Jump into our Poker Dream tournaments throughout the year. Each game is a chance to score points and climb the leaderboard. Show us your best moves, and let’s see how far you can go!


Big Prize for the Big Winner


The champion gets a cool USD 15,000! But here’s the catch – you can use up to USD 3,000 per tournament for your main event entries and stays in 2025. It’s all about playing smart and planning your next big win.


Why You Should Be Excited!


This isn’t just another competition. It’s a chance to stand out, make new friends, and show the world what you’ve got. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game, there’s a place for you here.


Join the Fun!


As we countdown to January 2024, the excitement is building. Who will be the first Dream Player of the Year? How will they use their winnings? It’s all in the cards, and we can’t wait to see it unfold.


Poker Dream Malaysia is all about celebrating the game and its players. So, whether you’re playing, cheering, or just here for the fun, don’t miss out. Your poker adventure starts now!


2 Steps to Join

Step 1

For Locals, bring your national Identity Card (NRIC) to the venue.

For Non-Locals, you must bring your passport to the venue.

Step 2

Complete your registration process at the counter or contact us for early bird packages to enjoy hotel rooms promotion and avoiding long lines.